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Name: Andromeda

Age: 24

Race: Humanoid reptilian

Appearance: Tall, slim, reptilian.  Green, scaled skin, yellow reptilian eyes, nose slits instead of an actual nose, and a slightly forked tongue.  Bald, tends to wear a bandana to detract from this, or a cap.  Has a tendency to wear colours that clash with her skin tone (is colour-blind, sees mostly in heat instead, and even when she isn't, can't perceive colour), although she often seen in her dark uniform (she's an officer of the law).  Wears long sleeves and warm clothes (she is cold-blooded).

Personality: Cool and normally rational, her mother has a tendency to bring out her temper.  Hates the cold with a passion.  Is bluntly honest, normally at points at which it would be better to tell a lie, although is also very good at defusing tense situations.  Is cool in the face of fire, not blasé, just confident, and often violently ill after having a gun pointed at her head.  Mostly pleasant and laidback around people, although can get intensely protective of her 'family'.  Has a slight hiss to her speech.  Gets annoyed when people point out that she isn't venomous (although her words can sometimes be referred to as such).

Known associates: Hathor (mother), Castor (partner and roommate)

Abilities: A rather good shot with her revolver.

Chosen By: The Book

Gift Description: A page that she has absolutely no clue of the use of.

History: Grew up in an interesting but loving home.  Hathor having got pregnant in one of her many dalliances, was more than happy to bring the child to term and raise her.  Despite being perhaps overly stern, Hathor did care for her daughter, and disapproved greatly when instead of settling down and giving Hathor multiple grandchildren to spoil, Andromeda decided instead that she would join a law agency in a completely different city from where her mother was, along with her best friend (another annoyance of her mother's, seeing as Castor was both completely human and male, and while this could've caused grandchildren, it does not seem likely).  Castor and Andromeda chose to move in together and split the cost of living.  Andromeda took great pleasure in interrupting several of Castor's more meaningless romantic evenings, and he in turn took delight in ribbing her mercilessly about her lack of a romantic life.
Char ref for Andromeda for TBOS, as said in audition, will do everything else later, it's like ten past two in the morning here, and I need sleep.

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May 18, 2011
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